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February 8, 2023

Statement Opposing Elevated Footbridge on Wing Island

Although initially supportive of a study to investigate the feasibility of a new method of access to Wing Island based on safety and accessibility, it has become increasingly obvious that the process has shown that for several reasons the plan should be abandoned.

It is our strong belief that resources should be used to preserve and restore Wing Island and the surrounding salt marsh as a safe habitat for the birds and animals constantly facing diminishing sanctuary space and serve as a source of wonder and appreciation that visitors can experience on personal and Museum-guided walks.

The Museum has dedicated itself to offering educational programs, especially for children, to teach about the value and environmentally sensitive issues of habitat areas found in the Stony Brook Valley. As everyone agrees, the youth are our future and unless they are taught about a need for conserving and restoring the land, we face the very real possibility of losing the "sense of place" that our founder John Hay wrote about.

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History supports leaving and maintaining the current planked path in place as opposed to an "elevated" replacement footbridge that would compromise the fragile beauty and habitats of the Wing Island preserve.

Respectfully submitted for:
The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Board of Trustees

Raymond Hebert

Robert F. Dwyer
President & Executive Director

PDF of Statement