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Naturescape Gallery

Naturescape Gallery is a rotating art exhibit featuring artists from Cape Cod as well as the New England area. The exhibit is located in the Museum's auditorium adjacent to the entrance.

Mike Palmer
Coastal Creatures of Cape Cod

May - June 2024

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Cape Cod's marine life at Coastal Creatures of Cape Cod, a unique art exhibit featuring the meticulous colored pencil drawings of artist Mike Palmer. Step closer and marvel at the intricate details captured in Palmer's work. A horseshoe crab, rendered in a spectrum of browns and grays, seems to crawl right off the page. The white shark comes alive, its sleek form and razor-sharp teeth conveying a sense of awe and respect. Find yourself captivated by the gentle giant, the right whale, its textured black and white body a testament to the majesty of these marine mammals. Palmer's artistry brings these, and other coastal creatures to life, inviting you to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Cape Cod's underwater world.

Mike Palmer is a Mashpee scientist and artist specializing in marine art. Through his artwork, he connects with, translates, and shares his experiences and discoveries about life and place. Drawing and creating have been lifelong pursuits, with minimal formal art instruction beyond high school. Before embarking on a career as an artist, Mike served as a fisheries scientist for the federal government, spending over 200 days at sea on fishing boats and research vessels from Alaska to the Canadian Maritimes. These experiences have profoundly impacted his art and approach to each subject. Mike's style harmonizes scientific accuracy with aesthetic form. Influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, he embraces simplicity, beauty, utility, imperfection, and the ever-evolving. Working in various mediums but specializing in colored pencil, Mike strives to breathe life into local wildlife and imagery, showcasing a deep appreciation for the natural world.

You can visit his website at

Steve Swain - Frying Pan Gallery

Healthy Food Chain
Long Term Exhibit - Generously Donated by John & Patricia Kenney 2022

Steel sculptor Steve Swain is an accomplished artist, architectural designer, craftsman, and boat captain. He is responsible for creating several notable local restaurants and buildings. His last project before switching to art full-time was designing and overseeing construction of the restaurant Pearl in Wellfleet and the restoration of Duffy Gardinier’s Tug Boat shack, saving the last of old clam shacks from the wrecking ball and creating The Frying Pan Gallery on Wellfleet Harbor Pier where Steve designs and hand builds steely renditions of marine life. In the fall of 2019, a second Frying Pan Gallery was opened in Orleans.

In his secluded studio Steve seeks inspiration in nature and credits the great outdoors for his creativity and compositions. His custom marine installation at the Museum is an amazing design and work of art highlighting the ocean world of bait fish, bass, and great white sharks.

For more information on Steve’s work go to:

James Prosek

Award Winning Artist, Author, and Naturalist
Long Term Exhibit
James Prosek sits in front of his life size painting of a swordfish
Photo by Jason Houston

CCMNH is proud to present the work of artist, author and naturalist, James Prosek. His book Ocean Fishes, is a collection of 35 Atlantic fishes, all of which were painted life size based on individual specimens he traveled to see, a journey that started right here on Cape Cod. Naturescape Gallery is exhibiting two of his life-sized Fine Art prints; a Swordfish and a Blue Fin Tuna. His work has been shown in numerous esteemed galleries.

For more information about James and his work go to: