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Wing Island Bird Banding Station

The Wing Island Bird Banding Station has been in operation since September 2000. The station is sponsored by the Museum and is situated on 80 acres abutting a sprawling salt marsh and 300 acres of conservation land. Over 158 species of birds utilize the land and the surrounding waterways.

The primary goals of the Wing Island Banding Station are research and promoting public awareness of our natural world. Numerous banding demonstrations are given to the public from May through October. You can follow the banding activity here:

Sue Finnegan has been banding birds since 1994 and received her Master Permit in 2000. She passed her bander level certification with the North American Banding Council in 2001 and received trainer level certification in 2005. That same year she also received a permit to band hummingbirds after training with the Sargents in West Virginia.