Butterfly House & Pollinator Path

Thanks to The Simon Foundation, Crocker Nurseries, and our volunteers and staff involved in making this possible!

Butterflies are among the most beautiful insects in the world. Our Butterfly House will give visitors the chance to see and experience butterflies up close and personal. As you approach the Butterfly House you will walk through a Pollinator Path filled with multi-colored blooming plants such as Orange Butterfly Weed (providing a place for butterflies to lay their eggs), Yarrow, Purple Coneflower and many more varieties that attract our pollinators and provide them with nectar. Once inside, you will be able to watch caterpillars go through the different stages of their life cycle and you may even be there at the moment a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis to join the others in flight!

The Butterfly House is open from June to September.

1. Book the whole 15-minute time slot and bring your own group of 8 or less. Any combination of adults and children.
2. Sign up for open slots in a convenient time slot. 
3. Check in at Admission for last minute openings. 
Please note: Options 2 and 3 mean you will be in the Butterfly House with other Museum visitors. If you do not wish to share the space then you must pay for the 8 spaces available in your time slot.

NOTE: The Butterfly House is a pre-paid add-on. You must pay Admission to the Museum at the door.