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Voyage Through Our Solar System

Join us for hands-on STEAM activities designed to engage you in NASA's continuing pursuit of human exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

  • Explore the history of the Apollo program and make a space souvenir!
    In this activity, learners explore medallions from past Moon missions, considering their importance and the history of the Apollo program, as well as upcoming Artemis missions. They also get to design and make their own mission medallion with foil and cardboard.
  • Experiment with building a Moon Base Camp!
    In this activity, learners use familiar building blocks and are prompted to build a base for humans to live and work on the Moon.
  • Experience Astronaut Breathing Bubbles: Breath of Fresh Air!
    In this activity, learners explore the technology and processes that will be necessary to create a breathable atmosphere for life on a Moon base via an experiment that demonstrates some of the science concepts involved in keeping breathable air available on the International Space Station.