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Nature Screen: Attenborough and the Sea Dragon

Sir David Attenborough hosts this detective story, from the challenging on-site extraction of the fossils to the 3-D reconstruction of the creature. He looks at evidence from animals across the world to try and piece together how this super predator lived and died.

A remarkable chance discovery is about to reveal secrets that have laid hidden for 200 million years. A “dragon” that ruled the ocean at the time of dinosaurs was found in the eroding cliffs on the southeast coast of England called Jurassic Coast. It’s an ichthyosaur, a fish lizard! This fearsome predator had the very best characteristics of reptiles and mammals in one formidable package. It could regulate its own body temperature, had astonishingly acute eyesight, an impressive set of blade-like teeth, and powerful, gripping jaws to hunt and swallow its prey whole! As the forensic investigation unravels, fossil hunter Chris Moore and his team stumble into the 200 million year old murder mystery of this extraordinary creature’s fate.

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  • Thu October 13, 2022
  • Sat October 22, 2022