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Forage to Table

Foraging is a great way to incorporate nutrition-packed foods into your diet, a fun way to get outdoors with friends and family, and sustainable foraging has a positive impact on native plants. Learn the basics of foraging and identification of common wild edibles that you can find in your own hometown. Learn about how wild herbs and edibles can help sustain your overall health.

Following the presentation, Rachel will take participants for a walk around the grounds of the Museum to search for wild foods!

Rachel Goclawski is a Massachusetts Certified Educator, Programming Partner with the Sudbury Valley Trustees, Girl Scouts of Eastern MA and is the Resident Naturalist at Waters Farm Preservation in Sutton. Rachel is a Contributing Writer for the Cook's Cook Magazine and for her "day job," she is an IT Specialist for the Dept. of Defense. Visit Rachel's Facebook page for Forage to Table tips and videos:

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