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Classic Animation

Classic Animation will introduce participants to mechanical optical illusion devices that were popular over a century ago. These devices give the illusion of motion, consisting of a drum slot that when whirled, show a succession of images placed opposite the slits within the drum as one moving image. Participants will create animation strips for zoetropes, thaumatropes, phenakistoscopes, and other devices using paper, card stock, and tape.

Larry Brookhart taught technology and computer science classes for 24 years at Harwich Elementary School in Harwich, Massachusetts. Twelve years ago, he, along with fellow astronomers Tom Leach and Dr. Timothy Barker, professor of astrophysics at Wheaton College, created The Harwich Observatory located at Harwich Elementary School.

Over the years Mr. Brookhart has introduced students to enrichment programs including creating animations, programming computer games, building robots and exploring celestial wonders.