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Massachusetts Archaeology Month

October is Massachusetts Archaeology Month!

Come learn and explore at CCMNH!


Saturday, October 4, 2014  1pm  Free w/admission

Invasion, Migration, or Trade: How Work at the Taylor Bray Farm is Helping us Investigate a 3,500 year old Archaeological Mystery

Archaeologists have been wondering how a different point style arrived in New England around 3,500 years ago. Does it represent an invasion of people, a migration, or just an exchange of ideas and artifacts?  Sites associated with this point style are rare in southeastern Massachusetts, but evidence of it was found at Taylor Bray Farm during the 2013 field season.  Craig Chartier will discuss the implications of this find.


Sunday, October 5, 2014   1pm      Free w/admission

Underwater Archaeology in National Marine Sanctuaries

Step into the past and dive beneath the waves to learn about maritime heritage and the historic shipwrecks of our National Marine Sanctuaries through hands on activities for the entire family.  Become an underwater detective for the day and explore the ocean floor and uncover the secrets of sunken ships located around the United States.  Map a shipwreck, try on SCUBA diving gear, learn about using sound to locate shipwrecks and solve maritime mysteries


Sunday, October 12, 2014  10am       $3 members/$5 non members    Reservations

Wing Island Guided Walk

Join Archaeologist Dan Zoto for a guided walk of Wing Island, the location of the Wing Island Archaeology Project.  Learn what the island was used for in the past, and what new discoveries have been made.


Saturday, October 25, 2014    11am - 3pm      Free w/Admission

CCMNH Archaeology Laboratory Open House and Artifact Identification

Join Archaeologist Dan Zoto and the rest of the CCMNH archaeology team for a tour of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History’s Archaeology Lab.  View artifacts from local excavations (including the latest from the Wing Island Archaeology Project), and learn about the archaeology of the area.   Visitors can also bring artifacts for identification.